Trade-In Value at Hildebrand Motors

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Trade-In value in Olds, Alberta

The best part of trading in your car is watching as the price falls on your next one. However, not all vehicles have a positive trade value. These are determined by taking the amount still owed on the vehicle and then subtract that figure from what it would be worth on the market. The higher your trade value, the better the deal.

How Much Is My Car Worth?

We'd suggest checking the market value listed in the Canadian Black Book. These give you a general guideline from which to compare other estimates. If your car has been well-kept, it'll be worth more to us. So, you'll receive more on the trade. Mileage is among the most significant factors that impact your car's value. Most of the time, people trade vehicles somewhere between 18,000 km and 22,000 km. Following that, our physical inspection would be the next most significant determining factor.

When Should I Trade My Car for the Best Deal?

The better shape your car is in, the more you'll get for it in a trade. Cars accumulate mileage over time. As such, you can expect to receive less for the trade the longer you hold on to the vehicle. Most importantly, dealers recommend trading vehicles before the 100,000KM mark. At that point, they start to deteriorate in value rapidly.

How Do We Determine Your Car's Trade-in Value?

Your trade will be maxed out at the wholesale price. Sometimes, you can find private buyers willing to give you more for the car. We guarantee our price will be enough to entice you. For the most accurate estimates, we'll have to check out the vehicle in person. Online tools might provide a decent ballpark figure.

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