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How to Set Up And Use Transparent Trailer on GMC Pickup Trucks?

GMC pickup trucks are one of the most ultramodern vehicles around. They are equipped with specific sets of technologies to optimize performance. One such feature is the Transparent Trailer view technology, part of an extensive range of technologies that makes the driving experience more efficient. The feature works with the many camera systems accessible through the GMC infotainment system and helps optimize the driver's view around the truck and the corresponding trailer. With the Transparent Trailer View, the driver can see the traffic flow behind the trailer through the trailer. This industry-first technology is available on the Sierra 1500 and Sierra 2500 HD. Browse our new inventory for more information on models available with this advanced feature.

Transparent Trailer Setup And Use Explained

An installed accessory camera is usually needed for the Transparent Trailer to function. Three main steps are involved when setting up the Transparent Trailer View.

Install The Accessory Trailer Camera

The accessory trailer camera is installed on the back of your trailer at a specific location, with the lens horizontally centred. The camera is mounted with a clear view of the road, thus allowing it to see through the trailer and send signals to the GMC infotainment system, displaying the images on the driver's screen. You can see the trailer's position behind the truck and the surrounding area with the camera. The most optimal position for the lens is usually four inches higher than the rear truck tailgate camera.

Enter The Trailer's Dimensions Into Your Trailer Profile

Using the Trailering App, set up or select your trailer profile and enter your trailer's detailed dimensions in your trailer profile. The app is available on the home screen of the infotainment system. Having keyed in all the details, save and proceed to the next step. It is advisable to have your dimensions in inches.

Calibrate The View

Calibration mainly involves setting up the dimensions you entered into a more precise and accurate trailer view. When this step is finished, usually indicated by the progress bar, Transparent Trailer View is activated. Calibration best works when the truck moves at speeds below 50 km/h. Even though the feature can be operated while the vehicle is in motion, calibration stops when you drive too fast.

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