Car Maintenance to Consider while your vehicle sits idle

car maintenance to consider while your vehicle sits idle

Why You Should Maintain Your Vehicle Even If It Sits Without Use

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Importance Of Maintaining a Sitting Vehicle

Leaving your vehicle sitting for a while can cause many problems, which are preventable with proper care and maintenance. The easiest way to avoid issues from developing quickly on a vehicle that sits idle is to drive it occasionally and make sure that you keep a close eye on its condition. The most common items you will monitor while your vehicle sits are the battery, tires, fuel, oil, brakes, and exterior.

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How To Care For a Sitting Vehicle


Once a vehicle sits without use for a while, its battery will slowly lose charge. If a battery is left without charge for a while, it can completely deteriorate and require replacement. To avoid this issue, make sure to start up the vehicle regularly, and if possible, take it for a drive.


While your vehicle sits, ensure that the tires have proper air pressure since leaving a tire flat can permanently damage it. Also, leaving good tires without driving for a long period can cause flat-spotting. To eliminate such issues, drive the vehicle around your area regularly.


Vehicles that are left without use for some time can have gasoline in the tank that loses its octane rating over time. If you plan to leave a vehicle without driving, make sure not to fill up the gas tank and consider adding fuel additives to maintain the fuel quality.


Regardless of the amount of driving you do with your vehicle, you will need to change its oil even if you don't drive since old oil breaks down and can cause poor engine lubrication.


Vehicles that sit for some time tend to have rust build up on the rotors and brake pads, causing braking noises. If the amount of rust is more than surface rust, your vehicle's brakes will require replacing, so make sure to drive the vehicle periodically to remove the rust off the braking rotors.


The vehicle's exterior can be another item to care for while a vehicle sits since tree sap and dust can damage the clear coat of your vehicle's paint. You will want to wash the vehicle once it gets dirty, eliminating contaminants from damaging the exterior paint or finishes.

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