Seasonal Auto Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal auto maintenance

Seasonal Auto Maintenance Checklist

Carrying out car maintenance enables you to find minor problems before they advance and reduces the chances of car breakdowns. Discovering these problems early on allows you to save on repair and replacement costs. Contact us at Hildebrand Motors for car servicing in 6401 - 46th Street Olds, AB T4H 1L7.

Below is a checklist of some of the parts that should undergo seasonal maintenance at the service centre.


Tire pressure changes with temperature change; it is, therefore, essential to check the pressure often, including the spare. A properly inflated tire lasts longer, makes your vehicle safer to drive and improves its fuel efficiency. You should also check the treads for uneven or irregular wear and cuts and have them changed accordingly.

Oil Filter and Oil Change

Changing your oil and oil filters is a good way of ensuring your car engine runs trouble-free. Not replacing engine oil can cause detrimental engine conditions, high fuel consumption or crucial parts damage leading you to seek emergency car service. Switching to a lighter engine oil during winter helps improve the engine's start-up and provides better lubrication. Checking the colour of your engine oil enables you to decide if you need to visit the service centre.

Brakes System

If you notice that your brakes are soft, resistant, or produce loud scraping noises, it may be time for new ones. Fixing your brakes can help you avoid costly issues in the latter days.

Therefore, ensuring your car is provided with new genuine inventory when servicing at Hilderbrand Motors is always our commitment.

Car Lighting

Your light may dim and burn out, and the plastic cover may degrade and cloud over time. Defective lighting may make it hard for other drivers to get the message when you intend to turn or stop leading to accidents. During winter, it is advisable to wax your headlight covers to prevent ice and snow build-up.

Vehicle Fluids

You should check your brake, power transmission fluids and coolant, among others. If the fluid levels are low, there should be a top-up during car servicing. A 50/50 mix of coolant and water helps keep the coolant from freezing during winter. It also lubricates the water pump and protects the system from corrosion. Contact us for reliable car maintenance and new inventory in Olds, Alberta.

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