Five Engine Maintenance Tips in Olds, Alberta

Five Engine Maintenance Tips in Olds, Alberta

Five Engine Maintenance Tips in Olds, Alberta

Your vehicle consists of various components that work jointly to enable it to move properly. Among those components is the engine, perhaps the most vital of them all. Your car cannot perform correctly with a faulty engine. Your engine needs constant maintenance measures to ensure it performs at its best.

Five Engine Maintenance Checklist

Replace Your Oil Regularly

Your engine relies on oil to function properly. Always make it a habit to inspect your oil at regular intervals. The engine has many moving parts whose operation creates a lot of friction. Oil is essential in lubricating these internal engine parts. If there is a reduction in the oil level or notice any discolouring, it is probably best to replace it with new oil.

Maintain Optimal Coolant Level

As your engine combusts gas, it emits heat. The coolant is crucial in cooling your engine. It dissipates heat, thus preventing the engine from overheating and stalling. It is paramount you maintain the correct coolant levels by refilling whenever necessary.

Be Mindful Of Leaks

It is also a good idea to always check your driveway for any signs of leakage. There is a high likelihood your engine is losing some of its vital fluids from any noticeable leakages. If you notice such leakages, take your car for general car maintenance to sort out the issue.

Check the Air Filter

Your engine requires sufficient oxygen to burn gas properly. A dirty air filter will affect your engine's performance, increase emissions, and reduce your car's fuel economy. Always ensure you clean your air filters or replace them.

Don't Ignore The Check Engine Light

Whenever your check engine light is on, you should take it as a sign that it requires maintenance or repairs. It is best to inspect your engine and find out what is amiss. If the light persists after that, consider car servicing at the nearest Service Centre. The longer you ignore this light, the more challenging and costly the problem might be to fix.

Schedule a Service Appointment

Contact us to set up a service appointment to get your vehicle's engine running at its best. Ensuring that your vehicle's engine is running at its best will maintain a higher vehicle value so that when you are ready to trade-in the vehicle towards a model from our new inventory, you will receive the best deal.

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